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"Nanci is truly committed to fitness: mind, body and soul. An accomplished bodybuilder herself, she is very focused on helping guide and build a person where they are. She is kind and motivating, and brings great energy to the work she does!"

~Nikki Velasquez

"As a young woman, a healthy relationship with food can be difficult to navigate. With society's "perfect body type," fashion trends (such as crop tops and mini skirts), and just the overall idea that there is only one way to be beautiful and accepted by the world around us, it can be exhausting and difficult to develop a good relationship with your body, fitness, and exercise.

When I was in middle school, I had horrible self esteem. Combined with childhood traumas, I found..."

~Grace Lawson

"Nanci's approach to weightloss and regaining your health is personal and positive. I have tried for years to drop 10lbs. I'm really short and in my 40's, so it was not easy. I tried gyms, private trainers, I've done every "diet" out there. Nothing maintained my weightloss. In January of 2021 I called Nanci. She listened to my story, my concerns, and reminded I can do this and not starve myself. She is extremely knowledgeable with nutrition. Plus she said I can drop the weight by eating REAL FOOD! NO SHAKES, NO HEART RACING PILLS, JUST FOOD (which included CARBS!) I didn't believe that was an option...but we talked, I committed to the macros and there I was. By February I lost 6 lbs! It's now June and I'm down 12lbs!!!! Yes, it takes time, commitment, and patience. Nanci was there checking in with me, making sure I was feeling good and kept me accountable. I now have a different outlook on food. Thank you Nanci!"

~Kristen Hoats

"Nanci is a truly incredible trainer! After taking group fitness classes with her for over a year, I signed up for one on one personal training (and a few training sessions with 2-3 clients). Nanci always made sure to accommodate any physical or mental issues/limitations, which was huge for me as a breast cancer survivor. She did an amazing job helping me rebuild upper body strength after multiple surgeries and also to regain my health after 20 months of chemotherapy. She was attentive, in tune with my training needs, and is an excellent listener. She always pushed me out of my comfort zone, yet never pushed me so hard that I risked injury or illness. Nanci trains with her heart, which gives her a definitive edge over other trainers! I’m really hoping to be able to begin training with her again soon!"


"I have been overweight my entire life and always hated myself. A few years ago i found Nanci and at the time her PUSH fitness center. It was the best thing I have ever came across. Being overweight and going to classes has to be the most embarrassing thing ever. However working with Nanci and her team made you feel like you were just as good as anyone in the class. I remember having a moment in the class where I wasn’t able to do a certain move and then one day it happened, I was so overjoyed I let out this huge yessss!! Lol Nanci saw what I had accomplished and in the middle of class said “ Yesss Kim you did it”. After hating myself for 40 years god sent me this angel to show me how to love myself. Words can’t express how much Nanci means to me. Taking her classes we would laugh and have so much fun you didn’t even notice how long the class was. Even after PUSH shut it’s doors I can still count on Nanci. Yes she does workouts with you but she also teaches you more about how to like the skin your in. I am forever grateful for her. Maybe not so much the squats."

~Kim Rosania

"I’ve had the pleasure of taking many classes with Nanci throughout her fitness career. She is truly a remarkable women who can easily motivate a large crowd or single person. Her positive attitude toward life and fitness resonates with her clients. This proves her talent and dedication. I’m confident Nanci will exceed your expectations and help you crush your goals!"

~ Kathryn Marie

"I was over weight when I started training with Nanci. I was not looking forward to working out at all. When I took my first class I was hooked. Nanci made it so fun and it was a judgement free zone. She pushed you, motivated and most of all treated you like you were family. Nanci is an amazing fitness coach."

~Keri Hinkle

"Best fitness instructor ever! Varied workouts so it is never boring, and she always encourages every participant to be his or her best. I whip myself into shape quickly with her classes because the workouts are so effective!"

~Michele Kollar

"In a short three months Nanci has helped me realize that it was important for me to change my mindset. I am no longer obsessing and gilding myself over food choices and food intake.  I have begun to accept myself and my choices and I am now feeling better both mentally and physically. Every day is not perfect, but I realize now it does not have to be in order to be successful.  Lifting this burden took away the struggle for me and has allowed me to lose significant inches and pounds in this short amount of time. I no longer let a bad day turn into two or three bad days. I just remind myself that I will be back on track tomorrow. I was unable to accomplish this on my own and I am extremely grateful that Nanci continues to share her expertise while guiding me through this process. 

~H. Harris

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