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About Me

I've been working in the Health & Fitness industry for over 10 years as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and fitness business owner. I have a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition Wellness, a bachelor's degree in psychology, numerous certifications, and tons of fitness experience.

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 My coaching philosophy utilizes a flexible nutrition approach to help you create realistic, sustainable changes to your diet so that you can lose weight and keep it off!

Losing weight shouldn’t suck.

And guess what? It doesn’t have to.

After years of my own chronic dieting & restricting calories, I realized I was burnt out. I was tired of trying to choose between cookies and fitting in my jeans.

But I realized I didn’t have to… and neither do you.

Do strict diets work?

Yes, but studies show that 30-60% of all dieters regained all of the weight they lost and even gained a little more! Fad diets can also create an unhealthy obsession with weight loss and food.


My goal for you is to realize that there are many more benefits to leading a healthy life than the number on the scale.


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